New Cummins 6B, 6BT, 6BTA 5.9L 12 Valve Long Block Engine

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 NEW Cummins 5.9L Long Blocks from Advanced Machinery Parts provides the solution...
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 NEW Cummins 5.9L Long Blocks from Advanced Machinery Parts provides the solution to make your reliable Cummins 6BT like new again. NO ENGINE CORE REQUIRED TO RETURN—nothing remanufactured. All you do is swap over your key components (e.g. fuel pump, manifolds, pulleys, vibration damper etc.) and you are good to go with a cost total at a fraction of a major overhaul. We carry all Cummins models up to K38 (excludes ISX, K50 and Q Series engines). All engines come with six month warranty. 

 Call us today with your engine serial number and arrangement number and we will match up your proper configuration. Shipping cost will vary due to residential or business delivery and the ability to offload the engine. Call us today for a quote. 

 If you are replacing an engine in a Case tractor or machine application. Please provide us with a model and serial number. 

Cummins Engine Long Block Contains

  • New Engine Block
  • New Crankshaft
  • New Connecting Rods
  • New Pistons w/ Rings
  • New Cylinder Head
  • New Oil Pump
  • New Water Pump
  • New Front Cover & Housing (Certain Applications are Reman)
  • New Gaskets and Crankshaft Seals
  • New Oil Cooler and Oil Filter Adapter
  • New Valve Covers
  • New Oil Pan (certain applications require reuse of old oil pan and pick-up)

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